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Mobile friendly sites now rank higher in Google

PrintIf you’re using Google to search from your phone or tablet, you’ll be seeing a change in the results. Beginning April 21, Google altered its mobile search algorithms to promote websites that are mobile-friendly.

This change affects every website within a Google search. Websites that have been optimized to be mobile-friendly, or are a responsive design, will take precedence over the websites that are not mobile-friendly. So if your website has always been ranked high in a Google search, but is not mobile friendly, it will be ranked lower to make room for mobile friendly websites.

Do you know if your site is mobile friendly?  It’s easy to find out.  Click on the link below and type in your web site. 


Google will tell you if the text is too small to read, too wide for the screen, and other non mobile friendly traits.

If your website is not mobile friendly, we can bring into compliance with Google’s new algorithms.  Often sites that are not mobile friendly tend to be more than a couple of years old.  Why not make this is the perfect time to update? Give us a call and we’ll explain what’s possible.

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Our team of programmers can develop anything from simple customized WordPress sites to complete custom web applications using PHP, Javascript and MySQL programming standards. We also can take your application to mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


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