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Where’s the Burger?

No matter how much a person reads, attends seminars, or talks with professionals, some things just happen to slip by.  Well…. that statement may or may not be true, but I am going to use it as my excuse for a concept that slipped by me.

It happened a while back when I used my iPhone to check out one of the websites we were testing. Once there, I could not find the site’s menu and asked, “Where’s the menu?”

“It’s a hamburger menu.” Randy our creative director answered as if that would explain everything.

Rather than ask for more information, I googled “hamburger menu” to find an explanation.  At the top of the list was our local Burger King’s menu, followed by the menus for other hamburger places. So I expanded my search to “website hamburger menu.”

To my relief, the very first article detailed a controversy whether or not to use hamburger menus on a website.  I felt even better as I read through it and found that the writer was trying to make a case for not using the three bars, or hamburger, as the icon for the...read more

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